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Smallholdr app enables pioneering combination of health and agri services in rural Zambia

Multi-skilled agents in Zambia, digitised by Smallholdr, deliver health and nutrition products, collect socio-economic data and provide a market for beans to ‘last-mile’ communities. A partnership between a beans processing company, Mushili, and a social enterprise, Live Well, has led to an innovative deployment of Smallholdr to efficiently deliver business and social information. The link …

Data-driven growth: How to engage with over 20,000 farmers and create the perfect blend

Meridian FSU screenshoot of Smallholdr Wed Dashboard. Data is viewed in real time as it is uploaded by 100+ extension workers across Malawi

Imagine the challenge of managing 120 field staff working with 22,000 farmers across a whole country… We are delighted that Caitlin Shaw, Manager of Meridian’s Farm Services Unit (FSU) in Malawi, has written us a guest blog this month to explain how Smallholdr has done exactly that, capturing rich records of all farmer interactions and …

Follow the honey: how Smallholdr enables product tracking in rural Tanzania

honeycomb, fresh honey, sustainable beekeeping, Pure Joy Honey, Tanzania

Knowing the exact origins of food – and other products – is becoming a hygiene factor rather than a novelty among many consumers now there is an increased awareness about a whole range of factors when selecting brands. Was a fair price paid to the small farmers for their avocados? Is a particular Ethiopian coffee …

Smallholdr’s mobile app for GNA’s Private Extension Agents (PEAs): supporting real time data collection at lead farmer level

Seed multiplication by smallholder farmers is the core business model of Good Nature Agro (GNA), a Zambian seed company based in Chipata near the western border of the country. It therefore follows that provision of hands-on extension is a vital part of the company’s business; multiplying certified seed requires a very specific set of farming …

Private sector extension: a sustainable agri-retailer model for improving smallholder productivity?

Central to the challenges of food security and poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa is the need to increase the productivity of smallholder farmers. Access to better inputs and agronomic advice via extension services is therefore vital. A Malawian agri-retailer is rising to these challenges by customising fertiliser blends for smallholders, using extension as a marketing …


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