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Smallholdr is a mobile app and web-based platform to collect and manage information on smallholder farmers

Smallholder data management for agribusiness

Smallholdr is an efficient and cost-effective way to capture and manage data on smallholder farmers and agricultural business processes using our tablet-based app and cloud-based platform.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients to develop bespoke versions of our system which fully meet their needs – every organization has a unique set of requirements. We also fully support implementation to deliver ‘digital change management’ and make sure all the benefits of our systems are realised.


Unlocks the potential of trading with smallholders


Unlocks smallholders’ trading potential


Unlocks the data required to make informed interventions

Commercial & Development Benefits

Smallholdr delivers extensive benefits to commercial and development organisations, as well as smallholder farmers

Commercial Benefits

Smallholdr improves commercial performance by reducing costs and enabling better decision-making and planning.

It helps agribusinesses to engage profitably with smallholder farmers, and NGOs to deliver cost effective agronomic support.

Development Benefits

Smallholdr increases opportunities for farmers to improve yields and incomes and to gain more secure access to markets.

It can provide smallholders with credit histories for the first time, and allow them to access finance for their businesses

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How it works

Smallholdr helps:

  • agri-input retailers to market products effectively to small farmers
  • smallholder farmers to gain agronomic advice to achieve higher yields and establish a credit history
  • offtakers and commercial farms to benefit from data-driven production planning
  • extension managers to task and monitor their field workers in real-time
  • government organisations and NGOs to design interventions based on better information
  • food retailers and consumers to see increased traceability in the supply chain

Who should use Smallholdr?

Businesses selling to smallholders

Smallholdr enables retailers to capture consumer data cost-effectively, build a history of buying behaviour by linking to point of sale records, and use targeted campaigns to market products. Powerful real-time reporting tools enable better-informed decisions.

Businesses buying from smallholders

Smallholdr provides the ability to capture information on smallholder suppliers, communicate with them and organise procurement of crops cost effectively.

NGOs / businesses using extension services

Smallholdr transforms extension by using smallholder information to tailor agronomic advice to individual farmer needs. Managers can use Smallholdr's sophisticated modules for managing extension teams and designing surveys.

Development programmes

Smallholdr is significantly better than standard electronic survey tools since information on individuals can be updated and tracked, saving time and resources over the ‘spreadsheet approach’

Make better decisions based on better data

Isn’t it time that you moved on from pens & paper, one-off surveys and Excel, and invested in a technology solution that can truly harness the data that your organisation needs?

Smallholdr is currently capturing and managing data on thousands of farmers. Could it be doing the same for you?


Unlock the potential of trading with smallholders. Unlock smallholders’ trading potential.



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